The Production Engineering Unit

The Production Engineering Unit aims to plan and control stocks and to provide all required yearly manufacturing items according to sale program. In other words, the required materials are requested from the commerce unit according to yearly sale program and performing calculations and stock control, and upon the provision, it guides the flow of materials into the system (based on high quality production in the shortest time and with less waste, redoing, and cost) in order to deliver a saleable product to the sale unit, which includes the following units:
* Material and production planning, and industrial engineering
* Instrumentation planning
*  Technical services planning
* Warehouses

Production engineering units are able to perform all services, such as manufacturing, or constructions in all production lines (such as lathing, pressure gauge, thermal operations, ring grinding, and assembling), chemistry laboratories, measurements, and instrumentation, in the event that the respective units are capable of doing the respective service. With respect to a vacancy in the respective unit, they are capable of providing the manufacturing technology, as well as estimating the required time and persons for performing the requested service in order to perform the respective calculations for declaring the basing-point price of the service by the management and financial unit to the customers.

About us

IRANIAN BEARING COMPANY (IBC) has been established in 30 October 1969 in partnership with the SKF Swedish Company. This company manufactures ball bearing and taper roller bearings based on specifications provided by the ISO (International Standard Organization).

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