The Unit of Ring Lathing and Ball Pressing

Generally, a ball-bearing can be manufactured by 4 ways: powder metallurgy, forge, rolling, and machining, which the last way will be discussed here.
In the lathing section of the IBC, the raw materials are transferred into this section of the raw material warehouse, and the lathing operation is performed. The materials used in this section are in the form of prepared steel pipes or solid wires.
The exact type of alloyed steel used in the ring lathing is SAE 52100, according to American Standard and DIN 100Cr6, according to German Standard.
The Lathing Machine
In general, the principles of the lathing machine are based on practical metal-abrasion. There are different kinds of lathing machines, such as single-axis, multi-axis, NC, and CNC.
PITTLER Machines: Having been made in Germany, these machines are in series lathing in 4-, 6-, and 8 axes. 
The Finish Turning Section
In this section, two types of machines have been used: 1) ASH-225, 2) ASH-0. The latter used for internal diameter R of the rings, while the former is used for finish turning the groove (crack) of the flange and cone surface crack.
The ring finish turning unit, the lathing workpieces with the diameter range of 25 to 100 millimeters can be turned in the large scale by 6-axes lathing machines, which for economic purposes, the circulation should not be less than 50000. Also, in the ball pressing unit, the balls can be produced for curtains, which they have many customers in Iran. However, some kinds of balls are used for especial purposes, not much requiring for grinding. This kind of ball can also be manufactured in ball pressing and central workshops.

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IRANIAN BEARING COMPANY (IBC) has been established in 30 October 1969 in partnership with the SKF Swedish Company. This company manufactures ball bearing and taper roller bearings based on specifications provided by the ISO (International Standard Organization).

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