The Cage Press Unit

Ball-bearing cage and taper roller-bearing is manufactured in the Cage Press Unit of the IBC. Washer pressing for the manufacturing ball-bearing cage is the first phase in the 100 ton press machines, such that rolls made of metal sheets with a thickness of 0.6 to 0.8 mm are used.

After this phase, the blank goes into Schuler machine for initial forming and immediately turns into complete form, which is a hemisphere. Drilling the rivet locations in ball-bearing cage is also performed by Schuler machine, with a difference that drilling the small types is carried on in EP16 device due to the delicacy of work, which is actually the final phase in manufacturing of ball-bearing cage.
Forming, chuck hole making, turning, notching, bulging, and clean cut phases are also conducted for making taper roller bearing cages in an orderly manner.
When all these phases were conducted, the ball-bearing cages are passed into cleaning, deburring, and phosphating sections. Phosphate such as zinc phosphate is used for preventing from corrosion and as a base for oil sitting, and manganese phosphate is used as an anti-friction and stainless material. 

The Cage Press Unit of the IBC is able to offer services to the companies outside it in the following areas:
* 160 ton pressing
* 100 ton pressing (with automatic feeding)
* 16 ton pressing
* 16 ton pressing (with automatic feeding)
* Phosphating (zinc and manganese) 
* Tumbling (deburring and fat removal)

About us

IRANIAN BEARING COMPANY (IBC) has been established in 30 October 1969 in partnership with the SKF Swedish Company. This company manufactures ball bearing and taper roller bearings based on specifications provided by the ISO (International Standard Organization).

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